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Restaurants in Mauritius
Restaurants in Grand Baie, Mauritius

You will be amazed by the rich diversity of the Mauritian cuisine, where East meets West! Tease your tastebuds to the Créole rougaille, Indian deep-fried delights, Muslim bryanis, Chinese chow mien and the
delicate French patisseries.

Most restaurants in Mauritius are found along the Northern coast, Port Louis and within the district of Plaine Wilhems (residential areas). A wide variety of cuisine is offered: créole, indian, muslim, french and chinese.

For your convenience we have included a list of popular restaurants around Ocean Villas - most, if not all of which, we have tried and tested and now recommend!

Le Capitaine Seafood Restaurant - 500 m from Ocean Villas
A very cosy restaurant, on the water, opposite Ocean Villas from the bay, with commendable authentic Créole dishes, served in style, by the water's edge, under the stars. Over the years, Le Capitaine restaurant operating in Grand Baie (North of Mauritius) has acquired a solid reputation in offering fresh and delicate dishes, to satisfy the finest palates. Their specialties include seafood broth, steamed rosenberghi, palmheart salad, fresh crabs, lobster and fishes à la Créole. The menu also extends to include Oriental delicacies. Average price per person Rs. 750 (€ 22). Address: Royal Road, Grand Baie. *popular amongst locals

Le Sakura Japanese Restaurant
- 1 km from Ocean Villas
Fifteen years of experience have allowed this fine Japanese restaurant in bringing the very best selections to its clientele of sushi, sashimi, yakitori and tempura. You may also book for teppanyaki, where the chefs demonstrate with grace and dexterity their art and culinary talent right in front of you in a convivial atmosphere. Alternatively, try the Japanese fondues, commonly known as Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu. Your hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Gérard Alexandre will make you feel at ease while pampering you with the renowned Japanese service. Average price per person Rs. 850 (€ 25). Address : Royal Road, Grand Baie.

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant - 2 kms from Ocean Villas
In a luxurious setting decorated with mughlai paintings, this unique Indian restaurant takes you back to the royal mughlai kitchens famous for its royal chefs who prepared the most exotic and finest food for royal families. The glory of the indian cuisine began with the Moghul kings who believed that good food not only strengthened the physique but also enriched the mind and reaches the heights of its magnificence with emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal. Enjoy a chicken tikka masala, a karai fish or a Rangee Phool Gobi with a Kosmiri Nan or a Rumalai roti served by an elegantly dressed waiter in traditional style ! Average cost of dinner per person Rs. 300-450 (€ 8,80-13,20).
Open for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and dinner, from 6pm to 11pm. Take away menu available. Closed on Mondays. Live music on Saturdays during peak periods. Address: Royal Road, Grand Baie - Tel: (230) 263 4984.

Don Camillo Italian Restaurant - 3 kms from Ocean Villas
Authentic Italian cuisine by the water's edge in the happening area of Grand Baie, North of Mauritius. Very reasonably priced, Don Camillo is a favourite amongst locals and tourists, for its delicate entrées, pasta, innovative pizzas and succulent desserts! What's more - Don Camillo is within walking distance to the best bars and nightclubs of Grand Baie - Banana Café, Zanzibar and El Diablo. Average price per person Rs. 400 (€ 12). Address: Royal Road, Grand Baie. Tel: (230) 263 8540. *popular amongst locals

Palais de Chine Chinese Restaurant - 2 kms from Ocean Villas
Popular among locals, Le Palais de Chine (Chinese Palace) restaurant located just opposite the daily fish market along the Royal Road of Grand Baie serves great Chinese food, with the freshest seafood. And you cannot miss the restaurant for its very traditional décor. Robert the owner and the Chinese chefs will introduce you to the dishes of their provinces, especially the fine dimsums, mud crabs, spring rolls and the famous Peking Duck! Prices are fairly reasonable. However, you should allow more for seafood orders. Average price per person Rs. 500 (€ 15). Address: Royal Road, Grand Baie. Tel: (230) 263 7120.

Wang Thai Restaurant - 5 kms from Ocean Villas (but opposite to sister hotel, Ocean Beauty)
Wang Thai has been the very first Thai restaurant to offer an authentic Thai cuisine in Mauritius. This beautifully decorated restaurant creates a feeling of intimacy, elegance and warmth. An invitation to take a culinary journey to Thailand by watching the highly silled Bangkok chefs prepare the authentic Thai dishes. In every mouthful, you will taste the delightful and unique blend of fresh herbs and spices.

The restaurant is open for:
Lunch on Tuesdays to Sundays from 12:00 to 14:30 and,
Dinner, everyday from 18:00 to 22:30.
Tel: (230) 263 4050 ~ Fax: (230) 263 4195