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Mauritius is not only sea, sun and beaches. All of you want to know about Mauritius, where to eat, what to wear, the climate, the history and the useful information on Mauritius. The activities we offer such as boat cruises, catamaran trips, sightseeing, diving, fishing, watersports are on a different page.

Here at Ocean Villas, Grand Bay, we strive to give you the best guide or the maximum information possible - whether or not, you have already booked your accommodation with us.

We show you our professionalism, our expertise of our island and give you: quality service.

Should you be staying elsewhere, we are still able to arrange the activities we offer, but it should be understood that preferential rates and conditions will be reserved to our guests.

We know that many of you do not wish to be treated as 'tourists' and would like to live the good life of locals. Mauritius is a multi cultural society. Whichever culture you are interested in, you will be mystified with our ethnically rich country.