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A French-based Creole is the everyday language in Mauritius. Yet almost everyone speaks French and English, especially in the tourist sector and in business. The official language remains English.

Car rentals
Driving around in Mauritius is the best way to know the island instead of being driven around. It gives you the opportunity to be free and flexible to appreciate / visit the many places in Mauritius, unlike in an organised excursion where the itinerary should be completed within the day.

Ocean Villas has dealt directly with the car rental companies and negotiated the best rates and conditions for you. Each rental car comes with a map of Mauritius. Click here for more details & rates.

Drivers Licence Requirements
Generally, car hire companies will accept your local license issued for at least 2 years. For short stays, international licenses are not required.

Taxis in Mauritius are plenty. They however do not turn on the meter and the fares should be discussed prior. For example, the fare from Ocean Villas to Grand Bay city centre is Rs. 50 day time and night time Rs. 150. (according to them, turning the meter on usually costs more expensive !!).

Public Transport
The bus stop is only 40 metres from our entrance. Buses are cheap and effective. Buses pass every 10 minutes in front of Ocean Villas and it costs you Rs. 5 to reach town (5 minute ride).

For long journeys, although the networks in Mauritius are good, you will be disappointed to learn either the frequency is fairly long or you might need to interchange too often. Coming soon on this page: the bus itineraries.

Shopping with taxi drivers (episode 1 - season 1)
Hello Hello. With the legendary smile of Mauritian people including taxi drivers, we do not wish that your negotiation for a lower fare with taxi drivers will lead to unsollicited stops at preferred shops, their owners who are sometimes referred to as the taxi driver's cousins or nephews giving you good prices! At the end of the day, we bet you will end up paying more for your shopping. Our philosophy is that you should not pay more than the usual price - no matter whether you find it too cheap for you :). If we start closing an eye on these unscrupulous practices, we are consciously dragging down the image of our island.

An unnecessary stop will include one of the illegal Ralph Lauren shops. To be on the safe side, book a taxi directly from the hotel. The fare cannot be fairer.

Retail trading hours
While many shops do trade 7 days a week, the general opening hours of most shops in Grand Bay tend to be Monday - Saturday: 9:30am - 6:00pm. Sunday is usually closed but if they may open from 9:30am - 12:30pm. Convenience stores along Grand Bay are open later. The hypermarket Super-U is open till 8:30pm everyday except Fridays till 9:30pm.

Duty Free shopping
Mauritius has duty free stores around the island and you can purchase duty free items on arrival and departure at the airport. You need to present your passport and a valid ticket.

Many guests ask us about tipping which is still regarded as a taboo in Mauritius. We will say that tipping in Mauritius is not compulsory but should service has been to your satisfaction, you may leave anything ranging from EUR 1 to EUR 5. Unlike other countries, we do not have a fixed percentage tipping policy. As taxi drivers are owners of their vehicles, they include the tip in the fare which obviously you have discussed prior to hiring the cab. Waiters however would expect you to leave a small change after your check. Not leaving a tip in a restaurant does not show that service has been poor. It is not uncommon to leave a small tip to your room valet or maid at the end of your stay. Please comply with the hotel policy regarding tipping, especially when some encourage using the common tip box.

BANKING Travellers cheques, Credit Cards and foreign exchange
Banking hours are 9:00am till 3:30pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00am till 5:00pm Friday. All banks have electronic banking machines (ATMs) where you can withdraw money 24 hours a day. Tip: remember to withdraw a fairly big amount to avoid the heavy one-transaction commission charges.

In Mauritius, travellers cheques and foreign currencies can be cashed at our hotel counter, all banks and authorised money changers. Major credit cards are accepted in most establishments. In many cases, you will need to produce current, suitable identification to conduct financial transactions. The currency denominations in Mauritius are: Rs. 25, Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000 notes and 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, Rs.1, Rs. 5, Rs. 10 coins. To avoid being pick pocketed or robbed, be careful not to bring and flash your money in public areas: e.g. markets, beaches, tourist areas etc.

To know about currency exchange with the rates of your country, go to the Mauritius Commercial Bank website.

Postal Information
Post offices are open 08:00am until 3:30pm Monday to Friday and 08:00am to 11:30am Saturday mornings. Stamps may be obtained from our shop at no extra charge as a guest service. A mailing box is also available in the reception foyer.

Most religious denominations are represented in Mauritius and services are frequent and accessible. Further details are easily available from our reception counter.

Medical Services
A few in-hotel general practionners are available for visits by a local phone call, however it is recommended you consider purchasing travellers insurance for your vacation.

Remember to minimise your sun exposure and bring a good sunscreen or buy one locally. Pack loose, comfortable clothing, walking shoes, one or two hats, swimwear and sunglasses.

The domestic electricity supply is 240 volts, 50 cycles, so keep this in mind when bringing your personal appliances. Don't forget your camera / video camera. If you are bringing your video camera, you might as well want to watch your shoots during the day on the TVs featured in each of our accommodations. Bring along the cable from the camcorder to the TV.

Mauritius is an easy-going island with the emphasis on the informal. Nevertheless, it is expected men to wear long trousers for dinner and for women to be suitably attired. In winter, visitors may require a sweater for evening wear.