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Mauritius Honeymons

Mauritius Honeymoons - Honeymoons in Mauritius

A Dream Come True .... After the wonderful dress, the beautiful ceremony, the wedding party with your best mates, it's time for the Honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius Honeymoons

You can enjoy the privacy you desire in one of the honeymoon beachfront suites and rooms with your own private balcony, all built with romance in mind. For dining, enjoy romantic meals at our restaurant, overlooking the sea. If you wish, one of your dinners may be arranged in your own intimate terrace on the beach with a waiter to meet your every need. Remember: in Mauritius honeymoons are each an opportunity for our people to show you our generosity down from our hearts.

Mauritius Honeymoon packages – choose your honeymoon room

Choosing your room is an important part of planning a honeymoon in Mauritius. Make sure you consider the resort rooms when picking where you stay. We know you want the most romantic hotel room. You will be spending a lot of time in your honeymoon room, so the nicer it is, the more ... fun you'll have relaxing in it. Just let us know it's your honeymoon !

Want to lounge in a robe and slippers? Fancy an outdoor bath in the privacy of your suite? Dying for a heavenly king size bed with a fluffy comforter? We know what you want, as our hotel, especially our quiet contemporary wing, specialise in Honeymoons in Mauritius.

Your honeymoon room location can make a huge difference on your experience. Just imagine our best honeymoon rooms and suites opening your balcony door to the beautiful waves crashing the white sand beach. You are in the contemporary wing of the hotel. This is the room type you will most likely book for your honeymoons in Mauritius. We will try to put newlyweds far away from children or loud activities. This might mean walking a little distance, but well worth it as we knoe you would like quiet and alone time, for your Mauritius honeymoon.