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Private Mauritius Beaches at Ocean Villas

Ocean Villas is located on the beach. Our beach is private and secluded away from the crowd of the public beaches of Mauritius.

Access to the beach from the bungalows is direct from any accommodation you choose at Ocean Villas (bungalows / rooms / apartment). There are no roads to cross, making the complex safe for children. Our footpath leading to the beach has been designed within our tropical garden, under the shade of coconut and palm trees, accompanied by the sweet fragrance of frangipane flowers.

Walking distance from your accommodation to the private beach: ~ 1 minute.

Note that beaches in Mauritius are not wide with the exception of public beaches. Do not rely on postcard photos !!

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Secluded Ocean Villas beach

For your comfort, beach chairs, mattresses and straw huts are available. Our beach is cleaned every morning. We maintain a 24hr security service to keep our guests away from unscrupulous boat operators, beach & oyster hawkers. Though topless sunbathing is common on our private beach, nudism is forbidden in Mauritius.

Often you can see a shoal of small fishes swimming next to you, or even tiny soft shell crabs (harmless) scurrying towards their home, indicated by a hole in the sand! If you are close to the water's edge with your children building sand castles, you can even see small triangular clam shells, locally called 'tec-tec', walking by the water's edge. Yes, our beach is that well preserved !

Those of you who know our beach will be happy to learn that it has been upgraded. When intense tropical cyclone Dina hit Mauritius in January 2002, the retaining beach wall did not make it and partially fell down. We had to pull it down completely but left all the coconut trees where they were. Today we have a much larger beach !

Standing on our beach, the photogenic Coin de Mire 'wedge-like' islet beautifully frames the bay on our left. On the other side, the bustling village of Grand Bay, with its shopping centres and marina.

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Walking towards the beach
Coin de Mire islet
Under the shade of a coconut tree
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Looking left to Coin de Mire
On board for waterski
Getting ready for banana ride

The most popular watersports in Mauritius: waterski, banana and snorkelling are offered free of charge to all our guests on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. Hope you will take advantage of these free facilities.

Some say that water in Grand Bay is stagnant as we are in the bay (yes in the city centre!). This bay is quite large (besides it's name says it all). We are lucky that being on the other side of the day, where water does move !

Public Beaches in Mauritius

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West Coast: Le Morne, Tamarin, Flic en Flac
East Coast: Belle Mare